My First Post

February 9th, 2024 Anno Domini @ 7:00 Post Meridiem

I’m writing this blog post for my Intro to IT assignment to create a blog site. I’m actually really glad that my teacher made this into an assignment because I’ve been meaning to make this blog site for a long time but never got around to it.

I really like the class so far. The class page is set up neatly and it’s easy to find my assignments and any resources that I’m looking for.

I’m looking forward to the assignments on Networking and Information Security as those are the focus of my degree. Hopefully I’ll learn things here that I can apply in my other classes.

I’m also excited for the research projects since I enjoy project-based learning. It’s nice to have a completed thing to look back on instead of just a graded paper or something.

⏤ Vince