Computers i use

I currently use a Thinkpad X201 M540 and i named her Asena. Linux runs on any hardware and the keyboard and the trackpoint just makes it better. If i had the chance i could buy x2100 but they have been out of stock for quite some time.

Software i use

I use Artix Gnu/Linux but i have no hard feeling about distros, my servers run debian while if i had another computer i could put OBSD on it. As long as there are cli utilities and a terminal i am good to go.
I use DWM because it is just great. I use actual fullscreen and barconfig patches with it and configured it to use only 5 workspaces, don't have any layouts,can't change the number of windows in the left side and deleted all code related to executing other programs. I use sxhkd to manage spawning programs soo i don't have to recompile dwm ever.
I use Runit because as far as my limited linux experience goes, it is the most stable one. It is also simple stupid if you spare 5 minutes to read the manual.
Terminal Emulator
I use St as you would expect, i just have scrollback and anysize patches for it.
I use Neovim, i don't even remember why i use nvim instead of vim directly but i do. Vim is just soo much better, anyone that says it isn't that good or efficient is lying to themselves. You can only gain from using vim.
I use zsh as interactive shell because there is a really cool feature that lets you chance the cursor in vi mode that is really slow in bash, if bash did that faster i wouldn't use zsh at all. But i use zsh like i use plain bash, i know it has a lot of functionality that elevate the experience, i just didn't dig into shell configuration yet. /bin/sh is symlinked to dash.