date : 2023-11-21

Thingies are my weakness!

I mean that sincerely, let me explain that for you. Very recently i went to a dollarstore to buy a spoon to use when i want to stir my coffee(i live in a dorm) and then i found this thang!

I hope i won't forget to add a image here

I believe it is a tool used for calculating sugar amount because it is too gingerbell for salt and too big to be used for pouring sugar in tea and such. It was all alone in a shelf alongside really fancy glass little spoons, it had nothing similar to it in that shelf and when i saw that, i KNEW i had to buy it. Anyways it was about 3.5 tl(around 0.10$) and in the receipt thing it was written as "muhtelif" which means "various". This is a thingie.