date : 2023-11-21

I have been working hard on securing the website for the 0 visitors that weren't bots or me.

Did i make improvements? no But i tried really hard to. I am blocking the IP's that send GET requests with "whyareyougay" in the header, it is tiresome. Thankfully literally every single IP i find malicions is located in a datacenter/server soo when i find one machine from a host, i block their whole IP range. Alongside this, it is kinda sad that machines send soo much requests daily, this site isn't indexed by google or i didn't advertise it anywhere but bots don't give a shit. They send requests by the IP and they do it constantly. I heard in 1990's blocking computers were the hardest part of the webhosting, now i get it. Because i am not defended by cloudflare or similar services i am always on war against the robots.