date : 2024-01-05

Happy new year, Traveller!

Soo, what do you use to create presentatons?

I was a lost soul that thought if i wanted to make a presentation, i should use the libre office's presentation module, i was greatly mistaken! The answer was right in front of my eyes too. It was LaTeX and plain text.

You always gotta use the plain text, Traveller, It always is the best method. Let's get to why, regex.

Recently i had the displeasure of doing a presentation in uni. Presentation made in libre office with all the shiny backgrounds, lists, gizmos and doodads exported to PDF. Yet i forgot one thing, the printed documentation would look bad with that! Of course i had to use LaTeX for the printed document, thats what the professionals use!(not that i ever met them).

Anyways i couldn't find how to export text from libre, soo i had to export the text from the pdf. Turns out it exports with newlines present despite a paragraph being one line that was warped. regex came to my rescue and i deleted every newline that isn't followed by a empty space. Every header had a symbol that didn't print in vim, regexed that to turn them into section headers, it took less than 20 minutes to turn a pdf for presentation to a pdf for printing.