date : 2023-11-25

I have sewn a lot of plushs and other doodads in my lifetime but didn't store most of them, now that i have a website and there is clearly a large attention to it(I even had 1 non-robot guest!1!) i will publish those images.

I might add more if i find my older creations but they will be seperate blogposts because i don't want to update blogposts.

First of all, A cape i made for my little sister, isn't it lovely? She looks like a little witch when she wears it!

A lifeless neets spirit animal, Wallflower Blush's pony recreation. And a image from when i cut her head(I was going to repair her head completely soo i had to cut her head but thought the visual was too funny soo i tied her up to my lamb).

Fluttershy, best pony.

Made this gondola in nearly 3 hours, despite how short time i had and how horrible everything i used was, it turned out great.

I watched mad Hatter with my sister and we made this, it was mostly her work thought.

The bag i used for several years, i don't use it right now because i sewed it to hold exacly one bottle, my thermos, my x201 and a small notebook. too small for my current needs. Thermos being out also wasn't a good design choice. Maybe i could resew that part to a more integrated design if i can chance my thermos to a smaller one.

Second best pony, Princess Luna

2 different Zote's from Hollow knight and DJ Pon3. If i say why we killed Zote, i will have to kill you too.

I think this is the first plush i made, i was soo young when i made this. I did this after i watched HTTYD soo i thing when i was 10 or something.

The ugly, awful linux mascot. There is a image where i killed him too but can't find it right now.