date : 2023-11-29

Fuck irony!

There is a Phenomenon that i am seeing far too often lately. People are soo ironic about what they like and what they hate.

If i said "i hate discord" it would mean i hate discord and won't use it as long as i have a choice(thnakfully we aren't at a state where i have to use discord for school or something) but when i see "i hate discord" on the internet i just know i will listen some stupid drama they are part of in a discord server if i don't run away.

I never played or watched any content related to Last of Us (nor any AAA games since Witcher 3) but i know the main character is a lesbian and the second game has a NB character. I learnt both that from odysee(rot in hell) thumbnails that were filling every single tag there.

Also about odysee, i found Danie Dreadful there, if i had such a great creator in my platform and there were manchildren making videos about how the latest AAA trash didn't make their dick hard i would shadowban the latter soo the former can find the auidence they deserve faster. Odysee did the exact opposite and promoted the manchild video format at every tag in their site, Awful!

Anyways i started to just block people that talk about twitter, discord and AAA games and i have a better life online.

I have a confession before i finish this text. I also talked about lol a lot when i hated the game, i am sorry about it and i will do better(LoL free for 3 months btw).

Damn, ADHD'ed this post hard