date : 2024-01-21

Whats up people?

Oh boy, i forgot i even had a website!

Not that anyone was refreshing their RSS feeds waiting for a blogpost from me but oh boy i was living like a slop. I didn't update my own rss feed manually in quite some time, i didn't read one blogpost in nearly a month. I didn't read one line of shell in a similar time.

I have been stupid-ing, simply. Even how i remembered i had a website is stupid. I was on my keyboard writing something but i felt slow, then i thought about why i felt slow when i was faster before. Then i remembered i had a blog and a site that forced me to write. This time i am a different man than the man that wrote those blogposts 2 months ago, i now have;


The reason is stupid as most things about me are lately; I did great in my finals but i have one exam left from a class i got AA in midterm. The anxiety's core is i have a ride 2 hours after that exam will be over and i might miss the bus afterwards. For some stupid reason this is making me insanely anxious! My brain works in mysterious ways.

Now that i am back to screaming at the void again i don't want it to be all doom and gloom thought, I will talk about things i am passionate about, thinkpads.

You know my X201, right. Did you know it didn't have hardware acceleration and had a horrible monitor? I am actually fine with it not having Hardware acceleration because performance isn't a high importance for me. I don't even run it at dual-channel ram configuration! The issue is the monitor.

When i was running it with a external 1080P monitor and mostly faraway from the sun it was more than fine but now that i am social and leave my room i want a good screen. I am thinking about X230 for this.

I have 6 things i want currently

If i mod a x220 keyboard into a x230, it would have everything i want. But my current computer already meets 4 of them with the dual channel requirement being only one purchase away(my TP runs a 4x2 config soo i only need one 4 gb stick).

I really want that IPS screen but i actually never had IPS before, i might be overhyping it and if i buy another computer while Asena still runs perfectly that is basically cheating! Is a small improvement in a monitor worth cheating on my computer wife?

Thats all i want to write about.