date : 2023-11-22

Yep, thats a confession post this time.

I don't care how "inefficient" or "ugly" they are, i just love these thangs. They are the peak of the function over form.

The thick clicky keyboard, the trackpoint, the thinklight(my thinklight is dead, sadly), the durable feeling you get and the general aesthetic pleasure. It is a great package of hardware.

But it isn't all games and fun, thinkpad "repairability" isn't actually that better than other laptops from that time for example. Don't know why people say that. The screen also sucks for x201 and x200(the x220 variant allegedly had great IPS mods soo won't include it).

I especially like those "thinkpad in random place" posts you see on the interwebz, great stuff that enchant being a brainless consumer to a corporation that don't give a shit about us.

Here is my addition to the trend.

(the image was 5 MB before i resized, why are phone cameras like this?)