date : 2023-12-18

I had this weird realisation just today, that absolutely is the case with him isn't it, he just couldn't survive it.

First of all, he is into feet and femdom most likely. And before any of his books got popular enough to put him in a "weird genius" position there would be a dataleak that showed him licking a womens feet or paying for someone to spank him. Would you take such a guy seriously? I don't think so. He probably couldn't even publish most of his stories because kiwifarms(god bless the people that are fighting the good fight against them) would spam all publishers trying to kill his carrer.

Where am i going with this, you might ask.

I am getting to how weird people that created great things couldn't create what they created in the cringe culture. There are small groups that accept these people but majority is far too anti weirdness. I don't think people could dedicate their entire lives to destroying Chris-chan, ulillillia or Terry Davis in 19th century. If you could put these people's entire lives before the internet they could have created great things but in the cringe culture we live in they just got bullied into oblivion(or reduced their internet presence greatly in the case of ulillillia).

Knowing the fact that if a writer similar to Franz lives today, he won't publish any of his writings in fear of ridicule is such a sad knowledge.

This is why any time i see a genuinely weird site that isn't a gimmick i feel happy. Such a nice feeling to see some absurdity and anormality in the space that is far too standartised.

One website about a guy's ramblings is worth 20 personal website that is just social media links.

Don't waste time hosting a links tree, at least put a character you are obsessed with there. People on tumblr were soo good at that they even have a name for these characters they are obsessed with, they call them blorbos. You could even see a blorbo kick in in real time sometimes, i found that really cute.

In a unrelated note, 7 days ago i started playing a mobile game called Mobile legends and got to epic rank today. God did i miss mobas. It literally made me think about just buying a x270 or something to play lol or hots. ML season is ending in 5 days and i will only play it to get a costume i am trying to get(which happens in 2 days), i think will take me 1 hours daily to get.

My most ADHD post yet, but worse ones will come eventually.