date : 2023-11-21

Hey travelers!

At this point, i can actually say i have a working website, nothing is automated because i am not lazy enough to tie everything together perfectly.

This post is about these thought. I probably won't forget to put my scripts in my git server(it is in https://git.b4rkod.net.tr/wesh.git/ if i update it). If you can read and comprehend my bash lingo you will see that, actually i should just tie them up and create a environment where i just write a text file and let everything else to the bash.

I have a script that turns txt to html(formatter.sh), a script that automatically adds blogposts into the index file(add_to_index.sh), a alias that autocopies a blogpost and the index to the server and another script that adds blogposts to the rss feed(add_to_rss.sh). I am all set, except i do every single one of those actions manually soo it still takes time.

I am hardworking enough that i can write the hard part but not disciplined enough to finish the job.

Not that things aren't going well, i get well over 5 bots that scan my ports for security holes daily!

There was even a guy that scanned my root file for every starcraft character/mob's name and do it again with changing the last 2 characters (like /kerrigan /kerrigna) Why did he do it? What kind of weirdo would store a file called "yagdra" and what was that guy trying to find? Mysteries of the internet.